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BEST Photos Taken Before Reality Hit!

Perfectly timed photos are the absolutely greatest gift to modern mankind. Taking pictures of every little moment has gotten excessive in our society, but these hilarious photos are a silver lining. After all, one photo is worth a thousand words. Or sometimes, a thousand laughs.

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13.Goodness Gracious

Is this Richard Simmons? No, there’s no way he’d ever turn to cycling for aerobic activity. Jazzercise only. But this unlucky guy sort of looks like him. Getting roasted like a marshmallow is one rare thing to happen in your life; but pair it with a nondescript women's sexy Halloween costume, and you yourself a pretty good story. We hope he turned out okay, and not lodged between two graham crackers.

12.Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Catching a homerun baseball is so much fun, but not when you catch it with your face. Flying baseballs can do a lot of damage; and as a matter of fact, a baseball might just take you OUT of a ballgame. Get it?

11.Nerd Alert

Who is savage enough to throw a book at a beautiful woman’s face? This totally redefines the phraseology “book flying off the shelf”. In any case, we hope she got a chance to finish that book. But if her glasses were broken, she probably had a problem.

10.On The Count of Three

It’s always sweet when you a little brother copying the every move of his big brother. This is photographic evidence of that special brotherly bond, even if it ended up being a little painful for both.

9.Fido’s Frisbee

“Woof woof, I got it , dad!” Clearly he doesn’t .Maybe his owner should stick to tennis balls or soft chew toys for the time being.

8.There’s A Problem Brewin’

The only thing that worries us about this photo is all glass shards that could fly into these guys’ eyes. Other than that, this picture is both hilarious and epic. Oddly enough, it makes a nice cold pint of beer sound so good.If this is a first date, these two are really breaking the ice.

7.Wakeboarding Wipeout

His form is so perfect going into the water, it looks as if this guy’s been photoshopped inside an image of another wake boarder’s wipeout. All five of his senses were probably filled to the brim with water after this fatal fall. This poor daredevil didn’t even get a chance to take a deep breath and hold his nose

6.Somebody Save Stephen

It’s looks like all these guys are fist pumping and chanting “Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve!” as he stumbles in the lake. Did he voluntarily jump into the lake in full clothing? Could be some type of hazing ceremony, or maybe he was so bored with the group conversation that he decided a dip in the water would be more entertaining.

5.What a Ham-Mock

We laugh, but have some sympathy for this guy. What’s more tragic than finally getting a chance to relax with your favorite beverage, only to have the hammock malfunction? We hope he salvaged at least one sip. Oh, and that his backside is okay.

4.Slugger Snafu

Teaching your son how to play baseball is one of life’s tender moments. The only thing that was tender after this picture was taken was probably the photographer’s left eye socket. Hey, at least the kid’s developed enough hand eye coordination to hit a ball straight towards the camera at full speed. Good job son. Er.. we mean.. Kid.

3.Make A Wish

Shelley Meyer, The wife of football coach Urban Meyer, caused the internet to go into a stir when this photo of her hair being set aflame made its way to social media in 2014. She tweeted a series of photos to her Twitter account with the hashtag “#Shelley Meyer Girl On Fire”. We gotta admit, that’s a pretty hilarious hashtag. Maybe she’s wishing for more college football championships for her dear husband. In any case, this is a telling lesson to watch your ponytail when making all those birthday wishes!

2.Don’t Hold Your Breath

There’s a ninety nine point nine nine nine nine percent chance this cat ruined this entire shelf. We respect the light footedness it took to get up there in the first place, but we’re just hoping none of those glass figurines are expensive antiques.

Hey, thanks for sticking around! There’s plenty more where this came from. If subscribe to our channel and leave a comment or two. Here are just a few from today.

1.20/20 Feet Above

This picture may make anyone with perfect eyesight giggle. But for those of us less fortunate, glasses-wearing nerds, this is our worst nightmare. It’s not even like he could reach for a pair up backup glasses if he wanted to, much less pop in a couple of contact lenses. We’re sure he made his way to the top or bottom of the rock safely. As for his specs, our vision is unclear. Note to self: if you go rock climbing wear contacts or make sure to fasten your seeing devices with a sunglass holder.

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