Monday, 31 October 2016

Best Breakdance Ever Compilation 2016 ( BBoy Battle )

People Are Awesome 2015 Unbelievable Breakdance battle compilation

Best B Boys Flips, Spins & Tricks! Awesome Bboy next level skills TOP power moves 2015

Music : Shannon : "Let The Music Play" DuckOnTrack Remix

Amazing Break Dancer

Amazing Break Dance Breake Hip Hop Play Boy Pooping

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Chakal (Algeria / Dziri Crew) , Hulk (Israel / Unstoppabullz) , Kid David (USA / Renegades & The Squadron)

Lil G (Venezuela / Speedy Angels) , Marcio (France / Legiteam Obstruxxxion) , Mounir (France / Vagabonds Crew) , Morris (USA / Flexible Flave AKA Fallen Kingz) , Noodle (Korea / Gamblers Crew) , Pélézinho (Brazil / Tsunami Allstars) , Ronnie (USA / Super Crew) - Ryoma (Japan / Mortal Combat) , Thesis (USA / Knuckle Heads Cali KHC) , Cima (Italy) , Zerow (Greece) , Amazing Performance of Salah, one of the best dancer of the world, and worldchampion of Breakdance.


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