Sunday, 6 November 2016

Chanting OM by MUSIC FOR DEEP MEDITATION-A amazing relaxing video!!!

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This is the first video by Music for Deep Meditation. The intention is to listen in silence or chant along and take some minutes to send our prayers of peace and well being to the world.

About Chanting OM:

The Sanskrit syllable OM or Aum is said to be the primordial, essential sound from which all other sounds arise. Since ancient times, yogis and meditators have taken the help of OM for their meditation practice and to realize their true nature.

About Music for Deep Meditation:

Created, engineered, and produced by Vidura Barrios of Inner Splendor Media in partnership with Harshada Wagner of Banyan Education, the Music for Deep Mediation series is designed to help your body and mind relax and accompany your deep meditation practice.

Produced by Vidura Barrios for Inner Splendor Media

Video Design by Cristina Ramiro

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