Sunday, 6 November 2016

Chanting Om by Music for Deep Meditation - Sacred Blessings [HD] - A very beautiful relaxing video!!!

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If you would like to simply buy the music please visit and you can download there from anywhere in the world. This particular track is from Chanting Om Vol II, Splendor of Yoga.

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Inner Splendor presents "Sacred Blessings," a visual meditation of gorgeous nature images accompanied by some of the most popular tracks from Music for Deep Meditation.

This high-quality DVD includes various renditions of the sacred mantra Om, along with the healing sound of the Didgeridoo and Tibetan Singing Bowl, and delightful tracks of soothing Classical Indian Music.

The high quality nature images were captured at some of the most beautiful places on Earth, including the islands of Hawaii, the coasts of Mexico, the lush beauty of Ireland and the mystical tranquility of the Canary Islands.

You can simply play the DVD to purify the atmosphere in your home, or you can watch the various tracks and meditate with them, becoming aware of the presence of the divine, within and without.

Produced by Vidura Barrios for Inner Splendor Media

Video Design by Jeffrey Main

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