Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Top Drone Videos 2015 | A Drone Compilation of landscapes, scenery over the globe

Top drone videos of 2015 using a multitude of the best aerial videos from across the globe. A compilation with the most amazing videos of 2015 which includes captivating scenery and landscape from many locations across the world.

For maximum viewing pleasure please make sure you are on the maximum quality settings!

This compilation could not have been possible without all the hard work of the people below. Please like and share!

Video Credits:

A Drone In Iceland`

Visual-Aerials; Drone, Data X Conference

Utah - Landscape Reel

Beautiful Aerial Drone Landscapes: Mountain Scenery in 4K

Fly High!

Beautiful Scotland - Aerial / Drone Showreel

Bondi Beach Sunrise May 25, 2015 - from my Drone, Phyllis. By Paul Borrud

Svalbard - The High Arctic

The Beautiful Sweden - 2015 showreel

Golden Hour Surf From Above

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Powerful Iceland

What's up on Earth New Zealand's Stunning Landscapes

Music Credits:

Tom Day - Who We Want To Be


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Tom Day

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