Friday, 14 April 2017

5 Cheapest Places To Live In The World!

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So you want to live big, but on a tiny budget?

No problem, there are places on earth where even the smallest amount of money can buy you a lot.

Here are the 5 cheapest places to live in the world.

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5) Malaysia

With a less than $300 monthly price tag on a one bedroom apartment, you'll be sure to have plenty of cash to spend on whatever you like.

If homesickness ails you while in Malaysia, feel free to spend all of that excess cash at the country's largest shopping center, Times Square Mall.

With fifteen floors, a hotel, a bowling alley, and more than one Starbucks, it's almost, its as if you've never left home.

4) Albania

Albania inst for the faint hearted, but is an option for those who are up for the challenge of a rough lifestyle.

It has a reputation for being quite corrupt, but this European nation has tons to offer in the culinary and history departments.

Even though living outside of the city center won’t cost you much more than $200 a month in rent, Albania is only for the expats who are willing to toughen up and rough it out.

3) Nicaragua

Because prices are so low in Central America's largest country, you could easily upgrade your lifestyle by moving to Nicaragua.

It will cost you less than $10 to get around on public transportation every month and a gym membership will only cost you $30 monthly.

Since you'll be preoccupied with keeping yourself entertained, you might neglect your household chores.

No worries, though.

For $60, maid service can swing through and clean up after you three times a week.

2) India

Home to one of the oldest civilizations, the invention of chess, and one of the seven wonders of the world, India would make an excellent home for anyone seeking to be emerged in the wonders of Eastern history and religion.

Not only can one live and eat for less than $400 a month, keeping yourself entertained by the sights and exploring the countless educational opportunities in India make it a valuable destination to reside in.

Stay away from the overpopulated cities, though— the congestion won't be worth the extra funds in your bank account.

1) Nepal

Sandwiched in between India and China, Nepal is a hub for cultural diversity and Eastern spirituality.

If you've finished school and want to use your gap year to "find" yourself, Nepal may be the country you need to experience.

It is also a great place to live if you don't want to spend more than $20 on your internet bill every month.

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