Friday, 14 April 2017

San Francisco

Recorded August 1-4, 2014

Long video of my three day visit to San Francisco, California includes...

0:00:01 Fisherman's Wharf

0:02:15 Pier 39

0:07:19 Driving in San Francisco

0:09:22 Fort Point / Golden Gate Bridge

0:14:41 The Palace of Fine Arts

0:21:10 The Cliff House / Pacific Ocean

0:30:10 Drive through Chinatown / Grant Avenue

0:34:59 The Cannery

0:35:49 Cable Car Turn-Around

0:39:59 Ghirardelli Square

0:41:17 Hyde Street Pier / Maritime Nat. Historic Park

0:42:47 Fisherman's Wharf

0:43:39 Red & White Fleet Bridge to Bridge Harbor Cruise

0:46:53 Sail under Golden Gate Bridge

0:50:46 Sail around Alcatraz

0:56:32 Sail under Oakland-Bay Bridge

1:01:23 Skyline views from harbor cruise

1:06:32 San Francisco International Airport


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