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Top 10 Scary and Terrifying Mental Disorder - (Amazing 2 million views!!!)

Top 10 Scary and Terrifying Mental Disorder - (Amazing 2 million views!!!)

The Top 10 Terrifying Mental Disorders

#10 - Wendigo Psychosis

A wendigo is a creature that appears in the native American Algonquian peoples Legends, Pocahontas would have heard the stories as a child for sure. Wendigo psychosis is the legend come to life, sufferers feel the need to eat human flesh, just as the Wendigo did in the Algonquian Legends.

#9 - Alice in wonderland Syndrome.

What could be more interesting? Well sure you get the distorted visual reality of things appearing bigger or smaller, sounds mirroring that effect. Might be fun for a few minutes, but imagine that all the time, plus the brain splitting Migraine that never goes away.

#8 - Alien Hand syndrome.

When they say Idle hands are the devils playthings, they weren't kidding. Imagine lying in bed sleeping peacefully and a strong grip suddenly envelopes your throat. It's your hand, with a mind of its own. Sufferers are in a constant battle for control of the actions of their own limb. luckily actual cases are so rare as to barely be a statistic. Unluckily there is no cure, the best option is to keep that hand as busy as possible.

#7 - Kluver-Bucy Syndrome

In a word, inappropriate. Sufferers feel like doing inappropriate things with inappropriate objects, I mean REALLY inappropriate things. they also sometimes want to eat inappropriate items, and probably the most disturbing, is the Hyperorality that comes with Kluver-Bucy Syndrome. That is the compulsion to explore with your mouth, so the next time someone is gnawing on your shoulder in the subway, try not to judge.

#6 - Cotards Syndrome

The real life walking Dead, Or at least that is what they think. Sufferers of Cotard's syndrome truly believe they are no longer living but somehow continue to move and speak, don't worry they don't crave the flesh of the Living, problem is they don't eat at all. Why should they right? Making it worse, we really have not been studying this condition for long. It only just showed up in 1880, but not even formally recognized till 2007.

#5 - Fregoli Delusion

People that suffer from this delusion, have the notion that many people they meet and know are actually all just the same person, They just change disguises to fool the victim for some reason. It also affects a sufferers memory, replacing places and events. This delusion is actually named after a famed Actor Leopoldo Fregoli, Who had the ability to change into different costumes very quickly.

#4 - CapGras Delusion

Stephen King Once said about terror "Its when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and replaced by an exact substitute" CapGras Delusion is something like that, only instead of it being your things, its your friends family and loved ones. No matter how hard you try to convince them, sufferers are convinced someone they know or loved has been replaced with an identical copy. Its kind of the opposite of number 5

#3 - Stockholm Syndrome

Easily the most infamous of all the disorders on our list. Stockholm Syndrome causes the victims of Hostage situations to sympathize if not out right join their captors cause. Patty Hearst being the most famous case. when she was kidnapped by the SLA( Sybmionese Liberation Army, and joined their cause, even getting convicted of helping them rob a bank.

#2 - Diogenes Syndrome.

That crazy old cat lady, hoarders, introverts that never leave there home by the light of day in fear of meeting others outside. Its a vicious cycle Suffers feel alone and isolated so they fill the void with whatever they can find, they Hoard or get many pets. The Elderly are most susceptible to this.

#1 - Apotemnophilia

Or body integrity Identity disorder.

Well, to put it bluntly, people that display this disorder have an extremely strong Desire to amputate one or all of their limbs. They are completely Ok with it and in fact must be watched closely once diagnosed for fear they may attempt to fulfill their desire. While not technically Suicidal as the victims do not necessarily want to die, death is a strong possibility.

Time for the question of the day:

Which one of our Top ten terrifying mental disorders would you least like to suffer from,and why? Leave your comments below.

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