Monday, 1 May 2017

10 Most Expensive Government Projects Ever

From top dollar NASA Space Stations, to massive supercolliders in Switzerland, here are the Most expensive Government Projects.

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10. Mars Science Laboratory

9. The Bay Bridge

Considered to be the most expensive bridge ever built, located in San Francisco Bay, this connects the city of Oakland to the city of San Francisco. It also connects to Treasure island which helps it span 4.miles long. It’s 525 feet high allowing for large vessels to float underneath. The construction of this iconic bridge started in 2002 to 2012. The design of this structure is quite unique and it keeps in mind that san francisco is often home to some earthquakes. The total cost for this project. About 6.2 Billion dollars.

8. Skylab

7. Large Hadron Supercollider

Also commonly referred to as CERN, this expensive experiment in Switzerland is dedicated to solving one of the Earth’s never-ending questions; how was the universe created. So answering a question like this is going to be pretty expensive as you can probably imagine. It’s actually the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator and they’re trying to see in if they can recreated the “Big Bang”. Many scientists believe that 13. Billion years ago, all matter we know of today was concentrated into particles which began expanding over time after a collision. Scientists here are actually capable of making things travel at the speed of light which are guided by a strong magnetic field. Cern has made huge advancements in physics but many believe their kinda playing with fire here. An estimated price tag for this the funding spent here is a whoppinng 13.25 billion dollars, which is roughly a dollar for each year the universe has been around.. About 17 countries joined in on the funding as well as donations from private organizations to fund this revolutionary project.

6. Big Dig Boston

5. Missile Defense Systems

In the 1980’s, Ronald Reagan was looking for any way possible to prevent America from becoming a victim of a nuclear attack. This was known as the Star Wars Project and it included the nuclear laser beam put into space. Not only that, they tested out 747’s with laser beams hoping that would work to against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. But it turns out that this idea didn’t work since the plane would have to get extremely close to not only the missile but would also have to fly along the enemy’s border. They also wanted to fit naval ships to fire rocket interceptors but this would mean changing out the guns and it’s began to get overwhelmingly expensive. It’s estimated that the Star Wars Project cost taxpayers roughly 17 billion dollars and there still doesn’t seem to be anything that we know of that works.

4. International Fusion Station

3. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

This megaplane called the C-5 Galaxy is one of the more expensive planes used by the US military that you might not know about. This one costs 5.6 times more than the average US aircraft and it’s also the largest! The United States continued research on quality transport vehicles which can store tanks or helicopters and eventually this mammoth was created. It actually has room to store 2 M1 Abrams tanks or 15 humvees. That’s some serious cargo! The development was a little bit tricky and as usual, this one cost more than they had planned. 131 of these have been built and at a price of roughly 224 million dollars each that would make this government project total to be about 29.3 Billion dollars

2. Department of Homeland Security

1. F-35

Possibly the most outrageous and the most expensive military project by the US would be the F-35. The government officials want the best and who’s going to pay for it! Taxpayers! The planes are cool, don’t get me wrong. These fighter planes have stealth capabilities, are fast and sleek. However it was originally supposed to cost 400 Billion dollars which already seemed a little bit pricey, with each plane costing around 145 million dollars each. The program has experienced tons of problems and budget issues, and have undergone some program reassessments. Top that off with some safety issues, maintenance and extremely expensive jet fuel and there’s gonna be more problems. In the end, it’s estimated that the advanced fighter aircraft will cost 1-1.5 Trillion dollars, according to CNN, since they plan on producing so many of them! What could we have done with that trillion dollars anyways you might ask. They could give a 4,500 dollar gift to each american citizen, wipe out all student loan debt, pay health insurance for 4 years to each citizen, or pay the military’s annual salary for the military for 4 years. The list goes on and this aircraft hasn’t proven to really be worth it so far.

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