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12 Most Mysterious Caves

From an underwater cave where people have completely vanished, to cave with over 20 million bats ; 12 most mysterious Caves

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12. Shropshire Caves

There’s always something quite mysterious when it comes to exploring a cave. It’s usually dark and you might not always know where it might lead. And sometimes, it’s also the meeting place for secret societies such as the Knights Templar. Also known as the Caynton Caves, this cave system in the United Kingdom as a place for Druids to continue practicing their faith without being persecuted. Later on it became the meeting grounds for the Knights Templar who were the leading group of knights during the crusades. They were disbanded in the 1300’s but before then, they played a key role in politics all over Europe. However they were deeply in debt and King Philip of France was looking for them. Did the Knights templar continue pulling strings inside these mysterious caves? Rumors tell tales of them keeping their own prisoners here. This photo here shows an entrance into the cave system, which many might confuse with a rabbit hole.

11. Reed Flute Caves, China

10. Batu Caves

Located near the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur the Batu caves offer a mysterious vibe of mystical and spiritual vibes but also gorgeous natural beauty. It’s here you’ll find a series of caves and hindu temples throughout and the shrines here have become popular among followers of this religion outside of india but also tourists looking to learn more about this place. The limestone caves found in this area are roughly 400 million years old and they’ve been used by local indigenous people for shelter. Outside the opening of this cave you’ll find the world’s tallest statue of the hindu deity, known as Murugan which is coated with golden paint from thailand. This mysterious cave hosts a wide variety of wildlife and it’s common to see macaque monkeys near the shrines. Some legends tell tales of demons once inhabiting these cav es who were defeated by the character depicted in the golden statue. .

9. Grotte de Massabielle

8. Vortex Spring Cave

If you see this sign with the grim reaper you probably don’t want to explore any further and you might feel that this is a mysterious cave. Located in Florida, this innocent looking pond is actually just the surface to one of the most mysterious caves in the world. Some have entered and never came back. Such was the case of Ben McDaniel, a scuba diver who went missing in 2010 who frequently visited this cave. Extensive searching took place for ben in this cave but he was never found, despite being an experienced diver. This photo we see here, shows two fearless scuba divers exploring the opening of the Vortex Spring cave despite the warnings,

7. Bracken Cave

6. Wind Caves South Dakota

Although this cave was fairly well-known to native americans, it was discovered by western explorers in the late 1880’s and the wind blowing through here was strong enough to blow off the hats from their heads. They came back to the caves later on and noticed that the wind seems to switch directions. The grimey look to it when the cave is lit up seem to give off a mysterious vibe to this place and you’ll notice many unique rock formations within. The cave was explored for valuable minerals and gold but nothing was ever discovered, keeping the cave in its original condition. Although geologists now understand why the cave has wind, it remained quite mysterious for those who first explored it.

5. Kabayan Mummy Caves

4. Bell Witch Cave, Tennessee

This cave located in Tennessee near Nashville, is rumored to be one of the most haunted caves in the United States. It only goes in about 490 feet deep but that seems to be just deep enough for a witch to live here. This cave was as associated with the Bell Witch, which allegedly tormented the Bell Family, in the early 1800’s. People from all across the country would come to the Bell family home and to the c ave to witness the bizarre activity going on. One report claims that a young child ran into the cave, got stuck and they heard a mysterious voice within the cave, say,”I’ll get him out”.

3. Gough’s Cave

2. Cave of the Hanging Snakes

Caves are certainly hom e to some creepy creatures but one in the Yucatan Peninsula, known as the cave of the Hanging Snakes might be the place where nightmares are made from. The creatures that don’t normally rely on sunlight can get down terrifying. But other creatures still eat them anyway. This cave is home home snakes, that feast on the thriving bats that live here and will snatch the bats when they least expect it. The bats seemingly provide the snakes with a never ending source of food. The serpent's tend to dangle from the cave and hide in tiny little crevices. Other weird creatures like albino crawdads are known to live in the areas of the cave with water.

1.Hang Son Doong

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