Thursday, 4 May 2017

Get Your Chest To GROW | Best Chest Superset For Results!

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Who is ready for a little field trip to the gym? Last time we did biceps and triceps -- today is CHEST! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says he does high reps with a manageable weight but he's always fixated on form. He doesn't rush things and makes sure to squeeze and contract. He's found this incredibly effective.

Group One

* Pec Deck - don't let your elbows drop down and get a great stretch going nice-and-slow {12 reps}

* Push Ups - shoot for 12 - 15 or even 20 if you're 'studly'

Rest 30-seconds on the Pec Deck.

Repeat for 3 sets total

Group Two

* Cable Crosses - one of the best exercises for a great stretch in the chest. It's all about form again -- see Alpha's example. {10 - 12 reps with the pause}

* Body Weight Dips - Keep elbows out. if you aren't strong enough, use the assisted dip machine. {12 - 20 reps with a pause at the bottom}

Repeat for 3 sets total

Group Three

* Dumbbell Flies - heed Alpha's recommendations and warnings here! Elbows are back like the Pec Deck, and stablizing muscles are used. {8 - 12 reps with a pause & squeeze}

* Push Ups - hit as many as you can {10 - 20 reps}

Repeat for 3 sets total

Don't Let Hair Cover Up Your Hard Work

To look more shredded, shave your chest! Removing the hair will let you see definition and make you see progress faster. Dollar Shave Club is hooking up new members with an offer of $1 and free shipping 1st month! It includes 4 blades and a handle! Thereafter, you get new razors each month for a couple of bucks. The razors are high quality, and they work! NO hidden fees and NO contracts!

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