Saturday, 13 May 2017

Top 10 Most Mysterious Things Found Frozen & Preserved In Ice

Ice is very useful for preserving things exactly as they were. That’s why when objects are discovered preserved in ice, they give us great insight about how things used to be. Here is our top 10 most mysterious things found frozen in ice.

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BeAmazed at... Life on Mars? Because it’s rather chilly, Antarctica is relatively untouched by humans. It’s also a vast, featureless landscape, which makes it a great place to find meteorites. Iron age hoodie - Around 300 AD, someone hanging out on Norway’s Lendbreen Glacier took their jacket off and just left it there. This is a kyrtel, a woollen tunic worn over the head like a hoodie. An abandoned nuclear base - They don’t call it the Cold War for nothing. In 1959, when hostility between the US and the Soviet Union was at its peak, America built an underground military base in the frozen expanses of Greenland. 30,000 year old plants - Areas of permafrost are nature’s deep freeze, preserving everything they hold perfectly, even if they’re in there for 30,000 years. Message in a bottle - We’ve all heard about messages in bottles, they get thrown into the sea and turn up thousands of miles away. A frozen baby mammoth - In 2007, Yuri Khudi, a Russian who bred reindeer on the frozen Yamal Peninsula found something strange out on the tundra. The Ross Sea Photographs - In 2013, conservators from the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust were working on restoring an old exploration hut on the Australasian side of Antarctica. A World War I battlefield - In 1916, during World War I, there was a vicious battle between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies in the Italian Dolomite mountains. A pike eating a bass - When brothers Anton and Alex Babich went ice fishing on Wawasee Lake in Indiana in 2017, they caught more than they expected: worldwide fame. Otzi The Iceman - In September 1991, two German hikers were exploring the Otztal Alps mountain range when they came across a body poking out of the ice.

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