Friday, 9 June 2017

15 Most Extreme Plastic Surgery Stories

Japanese-born Vanilla Chamu has undergone an incredible 30 surgeries to achieve her otherworldly appearance. Here are 15 Crazy Plastic Surgery Stories.

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5. Rodrigo Alves

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Rodrigo is currently making a bid to be a world record holder for most plastic surgeries ever received. He has spent a whopping $400,000 on his physical appearance with a laundry list of surgical and cosmetic procedures over the last 13 years. Among his procedures are Botox and fillers, six nose jobs, liposuction, pectoral implants, fake six-pack abs, arm fillers, and calf-shaping. He claims that he does very little physical exercise, so his body needs clinical help to achieve the masculine ideal. If you’re wondering where Rodrigo gets the money to fund his surgical endeavors, he owns multiple properties in Brazil and Spain, which he rents to rich vacationers. His family also owns a farming business, which branched out into supermarkets. Today, Rodrigo participates in promotions and television shows to make his living. Due to a recent medical scare in which his nose was nearly amputated, Rodrigo says he will no longer go under the knife--except maybe for one more liposuction.

4. Vanilla Chamu

Japanese-born Vanilla Chamu has undergone an incredible 30 surgeries to achieve her otherworldly appearance. At the age of 17, Vanilla was ridiculed by her classmates for her looks. So she took inspiration from porcelain French dolls, which to her were the epitome of beauty. On her laundry list of procedures is a nose job to make her nose more delicate, breast augmentation, dimple creation, eyelash implants, and double eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear larger. She admits to spending more than 10 million yen, or $100,000, on her cosmetic surgeries and has no plans to stop. All of her work has launched her into a modeling career in Japan as well as a successful run as a pop singer.

3. Luis Padron

After finding a love for fantasy in his childhood, Luis Padron had made up his mind by the age of 14 to pursue his dream of becoming a real elf. The elegance, delicacy, and ethereal quality of these mystical creatures appealed to his sense of beauty and he has spent over $40,000 achieving his goal so far. In an attempt to give himself sharper features, he had liposuction done on his jaw and had a nose job. He’s also had skin bleaching treatments, full body hair removal, and an unapproved medical treatment to give himself crystal blue eyes. In the future, he plans on having his ears surgically pointed, four ribs removed, and wants to find a procedure to make himself a few inches taller. He now makes a living off of his looks, participating in fantasy cosplays and conventions.

2. Valeria Lukyanova

One of the most famous plastic surgery stories on our list is that of Valeria Lukyanova, better known as The Human Barbie. Valeria is an interesting person no matter which way you look at it. She recently revealed her goth teenage years, where she took pictures posing as a witch in the forest, and because people are often taken aback by her supernatural looks, they forget about her life as a musician and spiritual leader. Throughout her time as an internet oddity, Valeria has maintained that she has only ever had a breast augmentation. She claims her waistline and hips are the result of a liquid diet and insane workout routine. But those people who have seen photos from her adolescence claim she’s most definitely had a waist reduction and nose job--at least.

1. Henry Damon

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Henry Damon has always been drawn to comic books, superheroes, and apparently villains. These days, he claims he won’t answer to his given name, but insists on being called Red Skull. In the past few years, Henry has gone to extremes to emulate one of his favorite characters: Red Skull, featured in Captain America. Before beginning his wild transformation, Henry had to subject himself to extreme psychological and physical testing to make sure the procedures wouldn’t be harmful to his mental or physical state. The married father passed all the tests and began his many surgeries and body modifications. He has had silicon implants in his forehead and cheeks, facial tattooing and--most shockingly--Red Skull has even had the tip of his nose cut off to resemble his namesake.

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