Sunday, 4 June 2017

25 Most EXTRAORDINARY Mythological Objects Of All Time

You’re about to learn the truth behind the most extraordinary mythological objects ever. These devices of magic and power have been used by both gods and men. Just think of what could happen if these objects were real! These are 25 most extraordinary mythological objects of all time.

If you owned one of these Norse mythology weapons, mythological swords, magical items or any other artifact found on this list, what would you do with it? Some of these items were very powerful to the point of instantly killing somebody…anybody. Some of these items could also grant life. Take a look at some of these mythological objects (and our photo credits and sources) and don’t forget to leave a comment on the video letting us know which of these objects is your favorite (and what you would do if you owned it):

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How would you like to be able to control the weather and produce lighting? With Thor’s hammer, you could. But if you wanted to be invisible instead, you would need the helm or darkness. Maybe you rather sail the seas and cause all sorts of mischief. Then the Flying Dutchman is your ticket. On today’s list, we are going to share with you some of the most iconic, powerful, and dangerous mythological artifacts. Learn about a fruit that grants immortality, or the drink that reveals all knowledge, or the girdle that makes anyone irresistibly attractive (I need this girdle!). These are 25 most extraordinary mythological objects of all time.

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