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India's most BEAUTIFUL Train | Humsafar Express | Tirupati - Jammu Tawi

Humsafar Express, Catch the Inaugural run of Tirupati- Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express. Humsafar by itself is one of the most beautiful trains going by its exotic Color Schemes and what if such a train gets grandly decorated with flowers and balloons. So far this is one of the most beautifully decorated trains I have ever witnessed and the whole effort and credits goes to the Mechanical Coaching Unit of Tirupati Railway Station and South Central Railways (SCR).

Enjoy watching the complete coverage of the inaugural run of the Tirupati - Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express. Route : Guntakal , Raichur, Secunderabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi , Delhi , Ambala and Ludhiana. Travel Time: 51h 55m | 12 halts | Distance: 2985 km .

Humsafar Express Trains are completely 3-tier AC sleeper trains comprising of only LHB Coaches or Linke hoffman Busch Coaches used in Semi- high speed trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi designed by Indian Railways. Humsafar's are overnight Dynamic Fared Premium Trains that run on routes that have a extremely high demand for trains and to cater to passengers who can afford to pay Premium along with the base fare of the ticket.

Humsafar in Hindi means Hum - We / Our , Safar - Journey / Travel.

Facilities and new Features :

- These trains will feature side curtains on the corridors like 2ac which were removed from 3-tier AC sleepers.

- GPS Enabled LED Display to provide the distance of the upcoming Station, Stations crossed,approximate time to arrive at the next halt and speed of the train.

- Passenger info system .LED screen display to show information about stations, train speed etc and will have announcement system as well.

- Vending machines for tea, coffee and milk.

- Charging ports for charging electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops etc.

- The berths will more comfortable than the previous 3-tier AC sleeper rakes.

- Bio toilets in compartments.

- Each coach has three odour control systems fitted across the aisle.

- Braille signage boards.

- The exterior of coaches will have a futuristic look with the use of Vinyl sheets.

- Safety measures in compartments such as introduction of smoke alarms and CCTV cameras.

- If you bring your own food, you can keep it warm or cold as the train has a heating chamber as well as a refrigerating box.

- Each and every coupe and side birth having curtains to maintain privacy.

- Providing with new khadi bed rolls.

- Control monitoring system in Guards cabin.

- FM Radio and Music.

Train : 22705 / 22706 Tirupati - Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express (Weekly)

Locomotive : LALLAGUDA / LGD WAP 22606

Location : Tirupati Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh. South Central Railways.

Date : 15-06-2017.

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