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Most Beautiful Piano & Instrumental Music - Melodies of Summer【BGM】

Most Beautiful Piano & Instrumental Music - Melodies of Summer【BGM】

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❋ Jellist


❋ Reve



❋ Zacky The Pianist






❋ PianoDeuss



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Track list:

0:00:00 Megeline - foxtail grass

0:02:48 Dance of fireflies

0:06:01 Starlight in my heart by Reve

0:11:20 Shu Embroidery

0:14:06 River South – Jiangnan

0:19:47 Half Pot of Yarn - 劉珂矣 鋼琴曲

0:23:26 Aging of a Beauty - Nirvana in Fire

0:27:18 大海 - 張雨生

0:29:21 White Memories - Foxtail Grass

0:33:59 Broken Hopes and Dreams

0:37:51 Bad people

0:41:23 Withered Dreams

0:43:39 Princess Mononoke Theme Song cover by Jia Li

0:45:49 人生若只如初见

0:48:25 故人叹

0:52:23 Flight of the Geese

0:55:23 Megurume - Foxtail Grass

0:57:39 Silver Carpet, A falling floral piece - Foxtail Grass

1:01:25 KonoSuba 2 ED - Oie ni Kaeritai cover by PianoDeuss



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