Tuesday, 27 June 2017

MOST Haunted Rollercoasters in the US

Did you notice a ghost during your Disneyland trip? From creepy and bizarre; to downright SCARY; These are the MOST Haunted Roller Coasters in the US !

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4. The Ghost of the Matterhorn

3. Goliath 6 Flags

6 Flags Magic mountain is a huge amusement park north of LA which is home to some of the most intense roller coasters in California. This place opened up in 1971 and many of the advancements in roller coaster technology we see today, is partially because of six flags research. The goliath is a behemoth of a roller coaster that allows guests to elevate 235 feet high. Many begin to realize midway through the massive climb to the top that there’s no going back and get quite frightened. But there’s more to this massive roller coaster that just steep drops and loops. Workers claim there’s a phone booth located next to the goliath that seems to pick up phone calls from out of this world. Strange ghostly noises are heard each time they the phone rings, which almost makes it seem like they’re getting a phone call from another dimension. Other employees report feelings of sadness and bursts of cold air and even sightings of ghosts here late at night. In 2001 a woman suffered a brain aneurysm while riding the goliath. Her family sued the park saying that it was their fault however 6 flags refused to take any kind of responsibility. Goliath reaches speeds of over 85 miles an hour and she didn’t understand that she already had a heart condition. Could her spirit still be at six flags? Maybe she’s calling the phone because she wants the workers to know about what really happened.

2. Stratosphere Roller Coasters

The Stratosphere tower is the tallest structure in Las Vegas, and the tallest observation tower in the US. Construction began back in 1990, and it opened its doors back finally opened it’s doors in 1996 despite a few fires breaking out. Multiple delays in the construction occurred but many were excited to finally view las vegas from the top of this massive tower but it also attracted the attention of some mentally unstable people. Construction on the world’s highest roller coaster began in 1996 but quickly suffered some strange problems. Most people wouldn’t mind getting on a roller coaster but over 1000 feet from the ground is even more terrifying. The ride known as the High Roller experienced frequent break downs and ultimately it was failure once it was finally removed just 9 years later. Could the strange activity on this abnormal roller coaster be due to some paranormal activity? Others were built in it’s place but nothing seemed to be able to remove the strange ghostly sightings b 4 troubled minds sought to end their problems by climbing over security fences and then leaping from the tower. Guests at the hotel have reported ghostly activity from a woman melanie bell who was near the roller coaster during her final moments. Many report her being somewhat hypnotized by the height of the tower the day before and she had displayed signs of depression before the plunge. Could the tower lure lost troubled souls as well?

1, The Ruins of Six Flags New Orleans

Rollers coasters are all fun and games until Hurricane Katrina Comes knocking at your front door. Mother nature released her fury on the big easy and of the biggest victims was Six Flags New Orleans. This is one of the creepiest amusement parks with plenty of roller coasters that are 100 percent abandoned to this day. When hurricane katrina flooded the park everything was too damaged to repair and it was easiest to just let it rot. There have been plenty of attempts to rebuild the amusement park, all which have completely failed. Trespassers looking to get some creepy urban photos are prosecuted and cameras are set up on the property. Maybe because they don’t want you to find the ghosts here. There’s just something flat out creepy about a place that’s meant to be fun becoming victim of urban decay as you can tell from the roller coaster ride, the jester that no longer hosts thrill seeking attendants. There were been a few different accidents and tragedies at this theme park, well before it was hit by hurricane so it certainly has some potential to be haunted as well. But if anything the ghosts of hurricane katrina certainly still haunt all the attractions here and no one will be getting on the rollers coasters here anytime soon.

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