Tuesday, 27 June 2017

MOST Insane Stunts Ever Performed

People are capable of incredible things. Sometimes even seemingly impossible things. Here are some of the most jaw-dropping, death-defying stunts ever performed.

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6. Herbert Nitsch

According the his personal website, Herbert Nitsch is the holder of no less than 33 world records in his diving career. He is capable of holding his breath for nine minutes, which he has been able to achieve through years of practiced free-diving. In 2007, he set the world-record for freediving by achieving a depth of 702 feet. In 2012, he sought to break that record with a No Limit dive. It should be mentioned that free-diving is incredibly dangerous and terrifying, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the possibility of decompression sickness. On June 6th, 2012 Herbert Nitsch dove to an incredible depth of 830 feet with the help of a watersled. However, at that depth, he suffered from nitrogen narcosis and lost consciousness, suffering damage equivalent to multiple strokes. He broke the world record and amazingly survived, thanks to extensive safety precautions, but he did have to endure a month or two of compression therapy and physical therapy to learn to walk and talk again.

5. Yves Rossy

Trained as a Swiss military pilot, Yves Rossy has a love for aviation. In fact, he is known for his jetpack experiments, one of which has earned him a place on this list. Yves began in France, where he high-fived his crew who helped him strap on the jetpack inside a small aircraft, and then set off across the English Channel. Just 13 minutes later, he activated his parachute and landed on the cliffs of Dover, having accomplished an incredible world-record feat.

4. Alexander Polli

BASE jumping is one of the most dangerous extreme sports and Alexander Polli made it even more dangerous by choosing to use a wingsuit rather than a parachute. Because a person jumps from low altitudes, it is much more dangerous even than skydiving. If done successfully, using a wingsuit can make a person feel like they’re flying and in April of 2013, that is exactly what Polli accomplished. Jumping from a helicopter, Polli used his artificial wings to navigate through a tiny cave opening in Montserrat, Spain, appropriately dubbed the Batman Cave. According to the video he filmed, Alexander’s top speed was clocked at 155 mph!

3. Robbie Maddison

As a renowned motocross rider, Robbie “Maddo” Maddison has done it all. He’s broken world records time and again and even acted as a stunt double in actions movies like Skyfall and the XXX franchise with Vin Diesel. After achieving all that, what’s left in your career? What about defying the laws of physics? What about doing something that can’t be done? Well, he achieved that, too. In February of 2017, Maddison showed the world that he is capable of anything. He set the record for distance ridden on water--a distance of almost 20 miles at a top speed of 45 mph. He rode on water for more than half an hour!

2. Alan Eustace

In 2012, the altitude jump record was broken by Felix Baumgartner, who brought himself to an altitude of 24 miles using a helium balloon. Two years later, a Google Executive and computer scientist decided to break that record. At 57 years old, Eustace used the same technique as Felix, a helium balloon, to reach the outer reaches of the Earth’s stratosphere at 25 miles above the surface. When he reached th e new record height, he cut himself loose from the balloon and began plummeting toward the Earth’s surface. During his fall, Alan Eustace actually broke the sound barrier, going well over 800 miles per hour.

1. Nik Wallenda

The Wallenda family is known for their crazy stunts, their talented acrobats, and their amazing performers. As a 7th generation Flying Wallenda, Nik followed in his great-grandfather’s footsteps as a high wire artist. But how do you top seven generations of shocking stunts? A quarter mile walk over the United States-Canadian border. This was no ordinary walk, as you might expect. Nik Wallenda shocked millions when he walked across a tightrope, perilously strung across Niagara Falls. At one point, Nik was over 200 feet in the air walking over the misty, roaring waterfall. When he arrived in Canada, he was greeted by huge crowds--and customs agents, who still asked him for his passport.

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