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"True, I am infinite and eternal. But even I shaped by forced external to me." -The Presence

DC is a very big place full of very powerful characters. Superheroes, super villains, angels, demons, gods. But as is always the case, there must be one person who stands above the others- one entity so powerful and so mind-bendingly impossible that the imagination shutters at its mere presence. But even at the pinnacle of this comic book multiverse, the narrative has not exactly made it easy to figure out WHO holds that title. Join us on a tour of beings that bend the multiverse for fun and juggle infinity in their free time as Tyler tries to decide which one truly stands above the rest.

How Fast Is The Flash?

How Strong is Spider-Man?

DC's Guide To The Multiverse!

Batman's EXTENDED Origin!

Can Wolverine Die?

How Strong Is The Hulk?

Lucifer and all related characters, settings, and media are property of Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics. A Time Warner Company.

No copyright infringement intended.

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