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5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World!

5 Most Dangerous Beaches EVER!


We all love to go to the beach during the summer. Its a fun way to relax with family and friend. But we must not forget that all beaches have their dangerous side. Thats why today we are showing 5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World! Ready? Lets Roll!


Hawaii is a very famous destination because of its beautiful beaches and big waves, But there are some that are very dangerous. Hawaii has a big amount of volcanoes around it, The Kilauea Beach is the most active one. The sand on this beach is black due to volcanic ash, and while its a fantastic place to visit, there is still a posibility that the volcano will eupts. Especially when its been active since 1983, that should make you think twice before going to this dangerous beach.


New Smyrna Beach is located in Florida and is considered one of the best beaches there, Even though its very nice to visit, there are sharks thats been seen attacking the swimmers. Out of 112 cases of shark attack in 2007, 17 occurred on this beach. There have been eleven fatal attacks in the last decades. The surfers say that it is USUAL to meet these animals at a distance of 9 feet or less. In addition to sharks, there are other types of criminals: thieves interested in your pockets and purse.


We all know that Mexico has one of the most gorgous beaches, Cancun has been said from many, that it has the most beautiful beaches in the world, but i have to say that its home to one of the most dangerous one. This beach is named Zipolite. If you actually translate the name, it means "beach of the dead".This is all because the strong waves and dangerous underwater currents killed many people. which is something very creepy and next time you should def enjoy your vacations somehwere else. I have to point out that Thanks to a team of rescuers on the beach, the number of accidents has been reduced.


Gasnbaai is a South African beach known as "the house of the geese" but i think that name is the last one i would choose for this beach. The geeses have probably been eaten by sharks. For some years white sharks have made this place one of their favorite spots in the world. However, many companies took advantage of this matter. They organize cage diving that allows people to take a closer look to these marine creatures without becoming their food. Now thats Crazy!


Fraser Island is Located in Australia, and is a paradise whose entry is prohibited for all people. Its waters are populated by dangerous sharks and jellyfish . Also, something that makes it even scarier is that the island is home to some of the world's deadliest spiders and crocodiles. So the leat you want to do is get close to them. when im on vacations i think the last thing i want to find is a deadly spider on top of me. Ughh!

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