Thursday, 20 July 2017

MOST Curious Places In The World

From abandoned buildings and towns to the depths of the sea and talk of aliens, here are the most mysterious places in the world that fill us with chills and awe.

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6. Skeleton Lake

It’s actually called “Roopkund” so as to not be confused with the Skeleton Lakes located in Canada. This Skeleton Lake can be found in Uttarakhand, India and is famous for the hundreds of skeletons that were discovered at the edge of the lake’s shore. No one lives in the area, quite understandably, though the lake is popular for visitors to hike through. As for why there’s at least 300 skeletons found on the site, which were discovered in the year 1942 by a game reserve ranger, researchers have said that it was probably people who were casualties in a hailstorm that occurred in the 9th century.

5. Aokigahara Forest

This pleasant forest is also called “the Aokigahara Suicide Forest” or the much less unsettling name of “The Sea of Trees.” It’s located northwest of Mount Fuji and in size measures to about 13.5 sq miles. The foliage here is known for being thick and a bit difficult to navigate through, and it is also one of the most popular suicide destinations in the world. What’s creepier is that because the foliage here is so abundant, some people go undiscovered for years. It’s the location that inspired the 2016 mystery horror movie The Forest starring Natalie Dormer.

4. Hashima Island

This entire island located south of the city of Nagasaki, Japan is abandoned. Which is weird to think about since at this aerial view it looks like a place that looks like it should be full of people with all the buildings situated there. The edifices of the island were a result of forced labor that happened around the time of the World War II. The island measures at 16 acres and once operated undersea coal mines that were made back in the year 1887. The coal reserves were eventually closed in 1974, which prompted the departure of thousands of people leaving the island and has been empty ever since.

3. Humberstone

This ghost town is located in northern Chile and was named after James Humberstone, in case you were wondering why a town in Chile was named as such. The ghost town was once a mining town, where the man of the town’s namesake had made lots of money from the salpetre that has been dug from the earth. Up to 3,500 of people lived here during the time of the town’s hey day. The mines in area were abandoned by the 1960s, which drove residents to leave now that there were no jobs. Soon after, it became a sight of squatters where bodies of mummified dogs have also been found. Now the old mines are now a preserved part of history where visitors can learn about the people that once filled the streets and labored at the mines at the houses where some documents and records of individuals in the town have been preserved.

2. Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most well known anomalies in the world. It is an area in the North Atlantic Ocean where the corners are marked at Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the numerous stories surrounding the waters there corners mysterious circumstances that often include missing people that ventures into the triangle in their aircraft and sea vessels. Some of which have been recovered, such as the boat you see in this photo, known as Connemara IV. The Connemara IV was once a pleasure yacht whose crew was said to have vanished. Most speculated that the crew probably got caught in one of the hurricanes, though research shows that apparently none of the hurricanes in the area seemed to be close enough to have been what affected the boat.

Area 51

The mystery surrounded Area 51 as a place where the United States military was holding classified information on the existence of aliens. And either no one is convinced or nobody cares and wants to shatter the image that has been most famously been associated with the United States Air Force facility located in Lincoln County, Nevada. It is in fact a highly classified facility, so who knows? Not only is the road it is located along unmarked, but the American desert seems to be a place where extraterrestrial visitors like to frequent. It’s also been said that this might have been a location where the moon landing was faked. And people can be told over and over again that there’s no aliens being held at Area 51. But who can really be sure?

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